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Cable Units

The Units provide a neat, safe solution to contain powerblocks and to route cords around workstations.


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Eliminate a common health & safety hazard by simply concealing cords and powerblocks:

  • Cord chaos is easily sorted
  • Socket powerblocks become less accessible, reducing risk of overloading
  • Dangers of cords overheating are sensibly managed
  • The chance of cords getting pulled or tugged are reduced
  • Under-desks become easier to clean
  • Common trip (and spill) hazard is eliminated
  • 3 entry/exit points for easy cord routing to equipment

Cable Units have been developed in two sizes to hide either a 6 way (Large) or a 4 way (Small) powerblock, transformer plugs and associated cord clutter. The flat top allows auxiliary items such as tablets and cell phones to be placed on top if Cable Unit is used on a desk. 

"Everything fitted neatly inside (the Cable Unit) and the spaces beneath our desks were transformed"… Cable Units were the perfect solution after an office move." continue reading...
  • Perfectly integrate with D-Line Desk Raceway, Split Flexible Tube and Spiral Wrap
  • Curved ends and a polished lid enables D-Line Cable Units to blend in modern decor
  • Offices, front of house and public areas look professional and efficient
  • Units are produced from robust electrically-safe ABS material, and have been tested and certified to exacting safety standards

Both sizes are available in black or white. To see the full range of cord management view our online brochure.

"Having bought one D-Line unit, we now have four dotted around the house - and the office too" ... "Bought this to hide cabling for wall mounted TV. Perfect for the job, and when painted to match the wall it disappears" ... "It has a good clip system, hinging open to accept the cables, easy to cut, self-adhesive backing works well - Amazing stuff!" ... "Quick to fit. Easy to fit cables. Nice and neat and soon to be painted." ... "Excellent product leaving neat and clutter free finish." ... "Very easy to cut and being self-adhesive, no time to install." ... "D Line is the perfect thing for running AV cables from your telly to your media setup." ... "The accessories were easy to fit and even a beginner can't go wrong." ... "I installed the D - line system in minutes and the result was outstanding." ... "Great product, Great service, Great price, what more can I say?" ... "Makes my DIY project look really professional. Looks very neat and tidy."

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