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Clip-Over Accessories

D-Line Clip-Over Raceway are the easiest and quickest way to fit
D-Line Raceway.

D-Line’s super quick and easy Clip-Over Accessories can fit around corners and connect tee-sections. The accessories have specially designed tabs which securely grip the raceway eliminating the need for precise end-to-end measuring and mitre-cuts, so giving a professional result every time. 

Currently available for both Mini Raceway (1ᶟ/₁₆" x ⅝"), and Floor Trim (⅞ x ⅞").

"I carried out the whole job myself, and I'm really pleased with it. The D-Line range does not drive you round the bend; it helps you get round them (quickly, and professionally)!"
Customer Review, Pittsburgh
  • Use with Smooth-Fit connectors and end caps for the perfect finish
  • Color matched to raceway lengths
  • Paintable to match décor
  • Design forgives rough cuts and imprecise measuring
  • Some Clip-Over Accessories have a section of self-adhesive tape applied to the reverse for added secure fitment
  • Simple Clip-Over fitting, for full installation instructions click here

Available in white, magnolia, aluminum-effect, black & wood-effects. To see the full range of colors and accessories view our online brochure.

"Having bought one D-Line unit, we now have four dotted around the house - and the office too" ... "Bought this to hide cabling for wall mounted TV. Perfect for the job, and when painted to match the wall it disappears" ... "It has a good clip system, hinging open to accept the cables, easy to cut, self-adhesive backing works well - Amazing stuff!" ... "Quick to fit. Easy to fit cables. Nice and neat and soon to be painted." ... "Excellent product leaving neat and clutter free finish." ... "Very easy to cut and being self-adhesive, no time to install." ... "D Line is the perfect thing for running AV cables from your telly to your media setup." ... "The accessories were easy to fit and even a beginner can't go wrong." ... "I installed the D - line system in minutes and the result was outstanding." ... "Great product, Great service, Great price, what more can I say?" ... "Makes my DIY project look really professional. Looks very neat and tidy."

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