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D-Line – The Real Alternative to Channelling Walls


Since launch in 2006 D-Line have certainly come a long way – far enough to reach their distributor in New Zealand, 18 million meters away!

Such growth has confirmed D-Line’s core proposition that the market was missing a decorative style of mini-trunking for use in areas where appearance matters, but where channelling walls or lifting floors is not practical.

As Paul Ruddick, founder of D-Line, commented “We know if a surface is solid or has been recently decorated - or if time and budget are issues - that often clients don’t want the hassle and expense of trying to recess cables. Using D-Line lengths can hide cables discretely. With its tapered ½ circle design and no sharp edges it blends with décor to give an outstanding quality of finish for a very modest cost!”

The neat semi-circle profiles incorporate a patented hinge that is specifically tensioned to keep cables in place during an installation, before users simply click-lock the lid. Clip-over bends and tees snap-over lengths to forgive poor cuts and save the need for precise measuring, while smooth-fit connectors and end caps make for a perfect finish.

Paul continued: “The one-piece design and clip-over Accessories for Mini D-Line combine to make probably the quickest system available. Feedback from electricians is excellent. We supplied 125 miles recently for 20,000 hotel rooms where, compared to channelling walls, D-Line saved the noise, mess and cost of putting rooms out-of-service. We take pride from contractors telling us they’re winning new work by offering Mini D-Line as a preferred option”.

The Newcastle-based company has successfully launched a full range of unique Cable Management solutions, with more in development, all stemming from the offer to electricians of a fall back solution when channelling is not the answer.

Cables Showing? Don't Be Fobbed Off!

I live in a traditional house built in 1930’s that would not suit having cables stapled to walls.  That was my main reservation when the salesman from a well known telecommunications company cold-called.  Told me if I didn’t have 155 channels I’d be depriving my children, that we’d not be in the ‘real world’.  Then he quoted special deals and other offers – ‘So what about the cables?’ I asked.  ‘Don’t worry, you’ll never see them' he answered, and so I went ahead.  How naive I felt to find cord right across the room – the white cord was very conspicuous against the black hearth and wooden floor! 


When I contacted the salesman I was told that the alternative route to the TV was even longer, and would have required cables up and around the door frame – ‘Our guys took the shortest path, that showed the least cable!’ I was supposed to be grateful, and was then assured ‘such a complaint happens regularly’. 

When I asked why they didn’t cover the cable. I was told no such product exists!  Well don’t be fobbed off...  Get these companies told to D-Line-it!

Hotel Warms to D-Line

When 20,000 hotel rooms needed to hide cabling for new heating controllers, Mini D-Line proved the perfect choice.

Using D-Line enabled dramatic budget savings to be made compared to the cost of channeling the walls then re-plastering and re-decorating.  Aside the noise and disruption, the traditional way would have put rooms out-of-service. On the other hand traditional trunking did not look suitable for a hotel chain with a reputation for comfort and style.


Cables fed from wall mounted heaters to wall mounted controllers were concealed in Mini D-Line which blended with skirting and when necessary up-and-around bedheads.

A cut-length rose up to the heater via a clip-over accessory, while clip-over corner accessories made internal corner connections quick and easy.  Other more exposed joins used smooth-fit accessories, as the secure internal tabs were favoured to eliminate future maintenance concerns, given that this part was most likely to be bumped by guests’ baggage.

The ½ circle shape on the length rising up to the wall-mounted controller was again preferred for its impact resistance, the lack of a sharp edge a distinct benefit (compared to traditional sharp edged trunking).

The D-Line Cutting Tool was used throughout, being quick, easy and leaving no dust.

The self-adhesive tape was used to attach the 3m lengths to the walls, with a screw-fixing and plug then inserted 30cm from each end. 

The result was 20,000 installations using 200km of D-Line Mini Trunking, all easy to fit, quick to install, that blended with decor to look great. Completed on time, with dramatic budget savings and no room downtime, D-Line again proved to be the ideal choice where time and appearance matters!

Truly Wireless?

There is an increasing movement towards homes and offices’ being wireless throughout and technology is certainly playing its part in making this a reality.

With everything from mobile phones, gaming, printers, PCs, tablets, and music systems all having wireless options, it is a fair question to ask “When will the time come when there will no longer be wires in my house or office?”

The question is a difficult one to answer. It’s true that there are a myriad of “wireless” products widely available for both home and office that offers wireless functionality. However, these products still need to be wired into routers, power supplies, and, as some experts state, “there will always be a need for some hard wiring within offices and homes”.

As technology moves forward, there can undoubtedly be less wires in our houses and offices. But for the wires that are left, what is the neatest and safest way of hiding these cables? D-Line produces a range of patented products that will not only hide your cables to ensure safety, but will do so in a stylish way that blends in with your skirting and hides your extension leads. Decorative Trunking is easy to fit and hides wires in such a way that it blends with and adds style to skirting. It can also be used to hide cable drops from TVs and desks to ensure that the clean, tidy look is maintained. See how it looks by clicking here.

There will also extension leads to hide. The D-Line Cable Tidy Unit can hide extension cables and associated power packs up to 6 plug extensions. The unit can also be integrated with the trunking for a seamless, “wireless” effect.

 So, despite the seemingly reduced need for wires, there will be demand for products like decorative trunking and cable tidy units for some time to come.

The Added Benefits of Cable Tidies and Trunking

When it comes to electrical cables and the untidiness they cause, not to mention the dust traps they become, a cable tidy unit and trunking from D-Line provides the ideal solution for this messy problem. By providing a neat, easy to clean around way to “hide” your plugs in a cable tidy, and by hiding cable inside trunking that blends perfectly with your skirting, the difference in appearance is phenomenal and much easier to clean around.

However, our customers are finding additional benefits from using the products, in particular, parents who are child proofing their houses. We have received a lot of positive feedback about the added benefits of D-Line products with comments such as:

“Highly recommend this product to tidy up and hide your messy wires. It’s been a godsend for our one year old who is fascinated by plugs and wires! It’s great since you can fit a large extension lead in there with four different plugs.”  


“I bought this product as we have a baby and now at the stage of trying to make the house a safer environment as she becomes more mobile. It’s definitely helpful as it has enclosed the extension and all the plugs and we’ll be adding the cable trunking to complete it. The whole area looks neater, and the product is sold (and was bought by myself) on this basis.”

Not only do the cable tidy units cover and prevent young fingers from getting at plugs, they stop trips and protect the electrics from any spills in the process. The feedback we have received has been fantastic and, with the extra benefits you can get from the D-Line range, it makes sense to add them to your child proofing plans. The D-Line range is stocked in B&Q, Homebase and Screwfix.

We always welcome feedback and information on new ideas for using our products – please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want to share anything with us.

"Having bought one D-Line unit, we now have four dotted around the house - and the office too" ... "Bought this to hide cabling for wall mounted TV. Perfect for the job, and when painted to match the wall it disappears" ... "It has a good clip system, hinging open to accept the cables, easy to cut, self-adhesive backing works well - Amazing stuff!" ... "Quick to fit. Easy to fit cables. Nice and neat and soon to be painted." ... "Excellent product leaving neat and clutter free finish." ... "Very easy to cut and being self-adhesive, no time to install." ... "D Line is the perfect thing for running AV cables from your telly to your media setup." ... "The accessories were easy to fit and even a beginner can't go wrong." ... "I installed the D - line system in minutes and the result was outstanding." ... "Great product, Great service, Great price, what more can I say?" ... "Makes my DIY project look really professional. Looks very neat and tidy."

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