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About Us at D-Line


D-Line are a progressive US company, offering innovative cord management solutions that are used around the world. From our base in the Louisville Mega Cavern, Kentucky, our unique cord management products are developed after extensive research and consultation with our customers.

The ‘D-Line’ name comes from the profiles of the first products we launched in 2006 – D shaped (hence D-Line) raceway to blend perfectly with decor, hiding cables in a way that is quick and easy to install and looks great! From this initial idea, we have developed a truly outstanding range of market leading solutions.

We are committed to providing on-going best value and superior quality products by research, innovation and manufacturing excellence. All our products are fully tested and certified to highest standards.

At D-Line we pride ourselves on customer service, ensuring that everything is done to deliver outstanding service and professionalism. We are accredited with ISO 9001:2008, Quality Management Systems.

2016 marks our 10th year of service. As well as celebrating a decade of hard work and achievement we have great aspirations for the future which will see our products available across 6 continents and strengthen ‘D-Line’ as a global household brand, synonymous with trade installers and customers for quality, design and service.

D-Line Entertainment


Micro Trunking

Speaker cable cord tidy

D-Line Micro Trunking is ideal to discreetly hide speaker, telephone & alarm cables and wires.


Mini Trunking

Skirting board cable tidy

D-Line Mini Trunking can perfectly hide cable drops and wires along skirting tops.


TV Cable Management

TV Cable Management

D-Line TV Cable Management allows users to conceal TV cables in stylish 1/2 round designs that save the time and trouble of burying cables and cords in walls.

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D-Line Office


Cable Tidy Unit

Office cable cord tidy

Cable Tidy Units have been developed to hide up to 6 way extension block as well as cable clutter.


D-Line Living Room


D-Line Floor Trim

Fireplace cable cord tidy

D-Line Floor Trim provides the ultimate floor edging system... that is incredibly quick and easy to install.



"Having bought one D-Line unit, we now have four dotted around the house - and the office too" ... "Bought this to hide cabling for wall mounted TV. Perfect for the job, and when painted to match the wall it disappears" ... "It has a good clip system, hinging open to accept the cables, easy to cut, self-adhesive backing works well - Amazing stuff!" ... "Quick to fit. Easy to fit cables. Nice and neat and soon to be painted." ... "Excellent product leaving neat and clutter free finish." ... "Very easy to cut and being self-adhesive, no time to install." ... "D Line is the perfect thing for running AV cables from your telly to your media setup." ... "The accessories were easy to fit and even a beginner can't go wrong." ... "I installed the D - line system in minutes and the result was outstanding." ... "Great product, Great service, Great price, what more can I say?" ... "Makes my DIY project look really professional. Looks very neat and tidy."

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